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Summer 2015 Projects                     


We will be significantly expanding our Madii Lii community this spring and summer, with a focus on developing the capacity to foster healing, connection, and sustainable development on the territory.


The following priority projects are partially funded. If you would like to support any of these projects, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss our funding proposals with you. 


1. Smokehouse - Prepare and preserve salmon, moose, and other foods. 

2. Youth programs - Educate Luutkudziiwus and other Gitxsan youth about traditional food, medicine, and cultural practices. 

3. Gardens - Large food gardens for our community, based on permaculture design.

4. Greenhouses - Two medium sized greenhouses to start this year, and for fall and spring crops. 

5. Bunkhouse - Sleep 8-10 additional guests to our home community. 

6. Root cellar - Store harvest from our gardens for use next winter. 

7. Trail clearing - Portions of Babine Trail (on PRGT pipeline route), and Mt. Thoen trail. 

8. Microhydro turbine - Non-invasive electricity generation from Suskwa river at home community.

9. Outdoor kitchen - Preparation area for ceremonies, large group celebrations, and youth activities. 


Contact us to learn more about, or to support, any of these proposals.



Please click here to donate to these projects:


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