Madii Lii Fundraiser for Renewable Energy

We are working hard to bring renewable energy at Madii Lii! Help us make this possible:

We want to continue to connect with our culture as per Gitxsan Ayookw. We are looking to convert all energy use at the Madii Lii camp to renewable, and we need your help as soon as possible. We are looking to our supporters to be able to shift from gas energy to clean energy, and make our vision of the future, one that is environmentally sustainable, a reality at Madii Lii. Renewable energy will allow us to power Madii Lii to help stop pipelines, live by Gitxsan Law and traditions, and support Gitxsan youth. Every little bit helps us get closer to making Madii Lii 100% renewable. Your generosity is deeply appreciated. Support our renewable energy project:

Thank you so much for all your support!


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