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Ways to support us                       


Luutkudziiwus plans for our Madii Lii territory include community-based cultural revitalization programs for First Nation family and friends, as well as providing opportunities for non FNs to take part in our culture and traditions in order that we may all build a better world. There are a number of ways to support us:


- Educate yourself and those you know. Learn about the pipeline we are opposing and why, and do your own research into fracking, the risks of LNG to salmon, water, and air, and the falsity of claims that LNG is green energy.

- Organize fund-raising and awareness events in your community. Someone from Madii Lii will be happy to skype or call in to your event to provide updates and answer questions. 

- Donate to our efforts. To accomplish our goals there are ongoing operation costs, funds needed to construct a year-round living community, and the need for a legal defense fund. Click below to donate funds or supplies.

- Volunteer at camp. We have a busy summer 2015 planned (click here to see project proposals), if you would like to come to Madii Lii to help us build our vision, please click below.



1. Donate online: We are in need of funds to continue to operate our community. Please click here to donate.

2. Donate supplies: 

This is a list of supplies we need in camp.

3. Help out at Madii Lii. Please click here for directions to our community. Contact us if you would like to come.

4. Project proposals. Please click here to see 2015 project funding priorities. 


(with gratitude),

Wilp Luutkudziiwus

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