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Pipelines receive BC Environmental Assessment Approvals

Today BC Environmental Assessment Certificates were granted for TransCanada's Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project (slated for our territory), Petronas' Pacific Northwest LNG terminal (where the TransCanada pipe would end), and Spectra's WestCoast Connector Gas Transmission Project (another fracked gas pipeline proposed to run just north of our territory but still on Gitxsan land).

There remain only a few regulatory permits left for TransCanada to receive (from the BC Oil and Gas Commission) before they could legally begin pipeline construction.

Pacific Northwest LNG still requires a federal environmental assessment approval, which is expected in June 2015, before they can build their proposed LNG terminal on Lelu Island. Petronas has been wavering on their investment decision in this project. No doubt this means that our resistance is working to contribute to undermining the credibility of their project! We are uncertain at this point whether a lack of terminal investment decision will stall TransCanada from beginning to construct their pipeline right-of-way. In the case of the PTP pipeline heading to Kitimat, right-of-way clearing has occured without a secure terminal investor. Thank you for your support and stand by for more info.

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