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Information Sessions in Victoria - Feb 4 & 5

Richard and Miles, spokespeople for Madii Lii, will be speaking at two events in Victoria, BC next week. Please spread the word!


"Join us for an evening with Richard Wright, spokesperson of Madii Lii. The Gitxsan House Group of Luutkudziiwus evicted TransCanada pipeline contractors from their Madii Lii territory in late August. A permanent camp has been built and a gate erected to control access to Madii Lii territory. To this date, Luutkudziiwus has effectively stopped development of the approved Prince Rupert Gas Transmission (PGRT) fracked gas pipeline. 35 kilometres of this 900 kilometre pipeline is slated to be laid on Madii Lii territory. Luutkudziiwus has taken a non-negotiable position against this mega billion dollar LNG project. The House Group has taken full control of its land and resources, and will be implementing sustainable economic development on their territory. Come out and learn how you can become involved in stopping this destructive pipeline and contributing to sustainable economic development on Madii’Lii territory. Donations are appreciated. There will be a power point presentation handouts and discussion."

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Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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