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Gitxsan speak up at Kispiox LNG meeting

Today, a group of around fifty Gitxsan hereditary chiefs, house members, and other community supporters took over the mic at an LNG meeting being put on by the BC government and the Gitxsan Development Corporation at Kispiox Hall.

A government official hired to promote LNG opened the meeting with a long speech including statements like: "LNG is really about family values", "Fracking has zero negative impact on water", and "We have a moral obligation to help China get off coal by supplying them with clean energy in the form of LNG."

Frustrated by this one-sided information, the chiefs took the mic and one after the other they spoke of our responsibility to the land, to our traditional laws, and to having access to the truth. The crowd applauded, and a series of questions from meeting attendees followed which echoed the same concerns.

At a time when government is announcing that they have attained near complete First Nations support for their LNG projects, they are simply not telling the truth. People of all nations are concerned about these projects and all that they threaten. Though there are often attempts to silence us, we will continue to speak up!

News stories about this event:

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